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JCS30 CNC Power Skiving

Product Name: JCS30 CNC Gear Cutting Machine

JCS30 CNC gear shaving machine is a kind of high-efficiency and high-precision gear processing machine. The machine adopts spinning technology to process internal and external cylindrical gears. It is suitable for the processing of automobile synchronizer ring, robot reducer inner ring and other parts. It is especially suitable for the processing of teeth without tool retracting groove or smaller tool retracting groove.

1. Product characteristics

1. The machine is of vertical layout, compact modular design, small floor area and convenient for upper and lower workpieces.

2. Siemens 828D NC control system is adopted to control motion with six-axis triple-action.

3. The straight and helical teeth are processed by generating method, which is suitable for small batch trial production and large batch production.

4. The efficiency of machine tool is 4-8 times higher than that of gear shaper.

5. The tool spindle and workpiece spindle of machine tool adopt Siemens built-in spindle to ensure the rigidity and accuracy of transmission system.

6. The machine tool is equipped with a tool clamping and relaxing system, which is easy to operate.

7. Machine tools have both dry and wet cutting functions.

8. Machine tools are equipped with degreasing fog device, which can effectively improve the processing environment.

9. The operation interface of machine tool adopts humanized design and menu input, which makes the operation simple and convenient.

2. Technical parameters

Maximum Machining Diameter: 300 mm

Maximum Machining Modulus: 3 mm

Maximum tooth width: 100mm

Maximum speed of tool spindle: 6000 rpm

Maximum driving power of tool spindle: 23.1KW

Tool spindle interface: HSK100A

Inclination Angle of Tool Shaft: +25 degrees

Maximum speed of workpiece spindle: 4000rpm

Maximum driving power of workpiece spindle: 29.1KW

Workpiece spindle interface: _90