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JCC20X/JCC20XACNC Whirlwind Gear Chamfering Machine

Product Name: JCC20X/JCC20XACNC Whirlwind Gear Chamfering Machine

JCC20X/JCC20XA machine tool is especially suitable for large-scale chamfering of large, medium and small types of internal and external gears. It is widely used in chamfering of gears in automobile, tractor, motorcycle and other industries, especially for mass production of few varieties.

Product characteristics:

1. JCC20X rotary chamfering machine adopts the principle of cyclone milling, which greatly improves the processing efficiency, improves the tooth surface smoothness and effectively solves the problem of intersecting edge burrs between two chamfering surfaces.

2. CNC system has the function of electronic gearbox, which greatly improves the processing accuracy.

3. The transmission part of the machine adopts high precision linear guide, ball screw and precision bearing, which ensures the transmission accuracy.

4. Each manual adjustment axis of the machine tool is equipped with magnetic grating ruler, which clearly shows the current position of each axis and greatly increases the accuracy of the adjustment link. It also cooperates with the adjustment calculation software developed by our company independently to make the replacement of workpieces more convenient and fast.

5. The machine tool adopts standard chamfer cutter and universal blade, which reduces the user's dependence on the cutter. The alarm and diagnosis function of machine tools can help users to eliminate the faults of machine tools in time and reduce the waiting time for users to stop, thus ensuring the smooth operation of production.

6. The machine tool adopts high-speed dry cutting without coolant.

7. Machine tools provide abundant processing procedures for users. Choosing suitable processing procedures is an important guarantee of processing efficiency, processing cost and processing quality.

8. External hydraulic station makes maintenance inspection more convenient.

9. The machine tool can be effectively combined with the flexible module of the production line, which not only guarantees the gear processing rhythm, greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator, but also guarantees the gear processing accuracy.



Machining Gear Pitch Diameter (mm)

External teeth:30~200 

Internal tooth :50~200

Maximum Machining Modulus (mm)


numerical control system

d sl

bevel angle

Inclusion angle: 80 130.

End face angle: 0 ~15.

Range of processed teeth

More than 8 teeth

Workpiece spindle adapts to rotary diameter (mm)

φ200 mm

Workpiece spindle mounting base hole diameter  (mm)

φ90 H7

Installation base hole diameter of tool shaft  (mm)

φ20 H7

Maximum Tool Axis Rotation (rpm)


Maximum machining efficiency (teeth/points)


Profile size (mm)


Total Machine Tool Quantity (kg)

3500 / 6500

Total power of machine tool (kw)

12 / 25