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JCB20MP CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Grinding Machine

Product Name: JCB20MP CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Grinding Machine

JCB20MP is a horizontal layout, using Siemens 840D CNC operating system, is a six-axis five-linkage CNC spiral bevel gear grinder. It can grind small modulus spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears with modulus less than 4mm and maximum pitch diameter of 200mm. The accuracy is GB5.

Machine tool characteristics:

●Torque motor and spindle direct drive ensure working accuracy and machine tool rigidity.

●By adding B-axis linkage to the machine tool, the process of tool tilting can be realized.

●The NC axis achieves closed-loop and semi-closed-loop control, and improves the accuracy.

●The driving unit is separated from the working area, which is beneficial to clean and seal the working space.

●The drive unit is centralized, leaving ample space for the configuration of automatic feeding and unloading device.

●CNC dresser roller rotation speed and rotation direction are adjusted freely to ensure the correction accuracy.

●The on-line measuring device automatically completes the allowance allocation.

●Automatic fire extinguishing device

Table of parameters:

Type of Machine Tool


Maximum Machining Diameter (mm)


Maximum Machining Modulus(mm)


Maximum transmission ratio1


Maximum width of tooth surface(mm)


(grinding wheel) milling cutter head diameter (inch)(inch)


Spindle speed of cutter head (rpm)


Workpiece spindle speed (rpm)


Large End Diameter (mm) of Workpiece Spindle Cone Hole


Transition sleeve


Taper of workpiece spindle taper hole


Mohs 5

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